Luxury Europe Holidays

  1. Overview

Not all luxury holidays have to take you thousands of miles away to guarantee exceptional cultural experiences, breathtaking scenery and platinum white sand beaches. A luxury Europe holiday, especially over the summer months is a highly desirable destination with short flight times which makes it the perfect holiday retreat, especially for a luxury family holiday.

From the winter sun favourites of Tenerife and Cyprus to the cultural highlights of Portofino in Italy and the mountains of Palma, Europe really does offer the intrepid traveller something exceptional at every turn.

We love luxury Europe holidays for the sheer breadth of family friendly luxury resorts, the stunning and historic city hotels, the culture, the cuisine, the incredible beaches and best of all it's all right on our doorstep, with a varied range of travel options to suit you and your schedule.

  1. Austria

    Whatever the season, a luxury Austria holiday is the ideal choice whether it be for the winter ski season or in the summer; savour the scenery from tr…

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  2. Croatia

    The legacies of it rich past are omnipresent in this breathtaking country, from its Roman ruins and Venetian inheritance, often evident in the eye-cat…

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  3. Cyprus

    Lying at the gateway of three continents, this land is rich in myths and legends. Bathed by the azure waters of the Mediterranean, it's an idyllic pat…

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  4. Czech Republic

    The Czech Republic is a beautiful place, a young country having only been created in 1993, that is made up of two ancient lands Bohemia and Moravia, w…

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  5. England

    We have travelled the world, spanned thousands of miles and seen the most beautiful destinations there is to see but the old saying 'there's no place …

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  6. France

    This magnificent country of chic cities, quaint rural villages, grand chateaux, sophisticated beach culture and of course, legendary vineyards, has a …

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  7. Greece

    This timeless land brims with epic tales of brave heroes and fantastical beasts played to a backdrop of unforgettable beauty. And a luxury Greece holi…

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  8. Hungary

    Hungary is one of the oldest European countries,  once part of the Ottoman and Habsburg empires it is bordered by Austria, Croatia, Slovakia and Roman…

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  9. Iceland

    Famous world-wide for being the best place on earth to witness the natural wonder of the Northern Lights, a luxury Iceland holiday is also home to fan…

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  10. Italy

    Italy is renowned for its natural and architectural beauty; its highlights include the rocky cliffs and medieval villages of Tuscany, and the Gothic c…

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  11. Portugal

    Portugal boasts a rich seafaring heritage, superb beach resorts, romantic villages, fashionable cities and a landscape wreathed in olive groves, viney…

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  12. Russia

    In recent years luxury Russia holidays have become increasingly popular, this trend is well deserved as this expansive and diverse country has much to…

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  13. Spain

    Spain is the number one holiday destination amongst Brits, and it’s not hard to see why we flock to its shores every year. However, there’s a lot more…

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  14. Switzerland

    Switzerland may be a small country but it has a wonderfully varied climate due to the contrast of the land, from the Alpines where you’ll discover the…

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  15. Turkey

    A country whose breathtaking natural beauty and unique historical and archaeological sites abound. A luxury Turkey holiday is at the crossroads of whe…

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