Luxury Australasia Holidays

  1. Overview

Australasia is a continent that has so much natural beauty inside it for you to discover on a luxury Australasia holiday. It has to be one of the most exciting places in the world, a country where the landscape is so varied you could feel like you were visiting several different continents in one holiday.

Australia is a country that is so vast; you can fit the whole continent of Europe within it. Its might be a long way from the UK but it’s a country where you can enjoy so many different experiences, that worth the effort and we known that on returning home you would yearn to go straight back.

Marvel at all the well known landmarks from Sydney Harbour to Uluru and from Bondi Beach to the Great Barrier Reef, but the nation offers some more hidden attractions too, ones that provide just as much ‘wow factor’ and will really make you feel like you’ve seen the country from your own individual angle.

Fly from Adelaide and view world’s largest lake, Lake Eyre, where Sir Donald Campbell set the world land-speed record in 1964. 9500 square kilometers in size and barren of water, bar three times in the last 150 years, this immense saltpan is a wondrous sight.

Or view an official world wonder from an entirely different aspect, on a floating pontoon within Hardy Reef. Whilst everyone else floats above the Great Barrier Reef by day, you can view the nocturnal reef dwellers from a luxury underwater chamber, just a short flight and boat ride from Brisbane.

Another unique site is a visit to Cricket Willow, which is a stones throw from Melbourne and the only place in the world where you can see a cricket bat manufactured from start to finish!

With its country line up of Australia, New Zealand and The Pacific Ocean it also has a delicious contrast of holiday types for you to take advantage so the choice is yours to touring or to do the exact opposite….absolutely nothing! Australia really is an amazing destination offering a complete world of wonder.

Our Travel Specialists have 40 years experience in taking our clients to Australia, New Zealand or The Pacific Islands so if you looking to go on holiday or even to organise that special occasion in your loved ones lives then please talk to us, we are full to the brim of advice, handy tips and the best routes to take to make sure you holiday is perfect from start to finish. Don't let the long travel time put you off as they truly are destinations that are worth the extra effort.

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